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Meet the faces behind our name

Founder & Owner | Stormee Martinez


Pet First-Aid | CPR Certified

Originally from Fernandina Beach Florida, Stormee moved to Jacksonville in 2016 to pursue a degree in Sign Language Interpreting. Being an animal lover and rescue advocate her entire life, after graduating, Stormee began working at a local large non-profit humane society. While working closely with the animals and adopters Stormee immediately noticed a need for quality in home pet care. That's when the idea of starting her own company began. In 2018, Stormee founded Sapphire & Co., and with her team has continued to serve her community with passionate and reliable in home pet care.

When Stormee is not with clients you can find her snuggling with Sapphire & Salem, traveling to new destinations (cruising is the best!), or making pottery at the studio with her husband.

Sapphire, CEO

"Almost 10 years ago I stood in an over crowded animal shelter in downtown Orlando. As I walked down the hallway it was loud and full of dogs barking as they jumped up and down on their enclosures. 

As I turned around I locked eyes with a scared little Pit Bull and the rest is history.

I adopted Sapphire, known then as Judy (A2090687), 1hr before she was scheduled to be euthanized at just 1 year old due to shelter overcrowding. 

As a young college student trying to navigate the world, I still had a lot to learn but I can tell you this; 10 years later that scared little Pit Bull became, and still is, the best decision I’ve ever made."

- Stormee



 The "Co." to our Sapphire 

Salem, "Kitten" joined our family in August 2016 via adoption from The Jacksonville Humane Society. After a very slow introduction to her big sister, Sapphire, the two became inseparable. When they are not getting in to any mischief you can find them napping together in mom's office or begging for treats!

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